Graphite Electrodes
Graphite Electrodes are widely used in electric arc furnaces, mineral-heated furnace to make alloy steel or other metallic and nonmetallic materials. 
   The feature lists:
1.Low specific resistance;
2.Excellent resistance to oxidation;
3.High mechanical strength;
4.High resistance to thermal ; 
5.Ash content is low。           
     Not only nipples possess bending strength highly ,but also are made to three-buttons, four-buttons, cylinder nipples, special nipples according to the users of demand
High-purity graphite possesses compact in texture and uniform  ,possesses high mechanical strength ,high resistance to shock, resistance to high temperature ,to  oxidation ,low specific resistance ,high purity and is easy to process in accuracy ,and so on .Widely used in the fields of metallurgy ,machinery , aviation electron ,atomic energy ,chemical industry and foodstuff ,etc
    We also produces many specifications products using high quality graphite materials ,for example ,graphite crucible ,graphite piece , stick ,ring ,tube and boat ,they have special structure . in additional ,special graphite products provided with high purity ,high density ,high intensity by the users of demand .
  Graphite pot is  widely used in the fields  of non-ferrous ,rare earth metals ,chemical industry ,etc, And we also produce soak-crucible meeting with the need of users.
  Graphite chunk is widely used in material of conduction , metallurgical and  resistance furnace ,Make up high quality and low-ash content ,raw materials to produce elaborately .
  Graphite granule is provided with high electric and thermal conductivity , resistance to corrosion ,to high temperature ,and so on .  
Directions for use of graphite electrodes
1. When the Graphite Electrodes are selected for electric steel furnaces, reference is made to the current.
2. The transportation and storage of the Graphite Electrodes must be kept away from being moistened of wetted by rain ,snow and water, be sure to dry them up before use.
3. During loading, unloading and transportation, the Graphite Electrodes must be handled great care to well protect the threads from being damaged in case of collision, In the course of loading, unloading and hoisting, it is advisable to use special hoist equipment.
4. Before the electrodes are connected to the nipples, it is necessary to blow the electrode threads thoroughly clean with compressed air and screw the nipples tightly then electrodes.
5. When the elevator of the electric arc furnace is hoisting the electrodes, no swinging is allowed so as to avoid the electrode joints being loosened and disconcerts.
6. The tightening devices of electrodes must not hold the electordes  near the area of nipple sockets.
7. In order to prevent the breakage of the electrodes in case the unmelted furnace charges collapse, lift the electrodes according to the melting condition and dump the unmelted waste steel into the bath pool.
8. The tightly screw-connected electrodes must be kept in close contact with end-faces between two electrodes.
9. Charging the furnace, put the coarse scrap steel lumps at the bottom and the small ones at the top.
10.To avoid breaking after electrodes connect, we would supply users with bolt.
 Graphite electrodes are used mainly in electric arc furnace steel production. They are presently the only products available that have the high levels of electrical conductivity and the capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of heat generated in this demanding environment. Graphite electrodes are also used to refine steel in ladle furnaces and in other smelting processes.

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