Gallium Oxide


CODE GaO Impurities  (Max)  %
Fe Pb Cu Zn In Al Ca Sn Ni Ge
GaO-A278 99.999% 0.001
GaO-A279 99.99% 0.01
GaO-A280 99.9% 0.1

                                                                                Available upon your request

A white crystalline powder, insoluble in water and diluted acidic solution. It can react with oxides of alkaline metals under high temperature to generate gallium salts, Its melting-point is 1740.
As a material for gadolinium-gallium-garnet(GGG). 
1kg per polyvinyl plastic bottle, then 9 or 10 such bottle are cradle fixed in poly-foam material made box, out side packed with plastic film, the out layer is high strength paper box, this is a standard packing suitable for long distance transportation by air.