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Whoa, Nellie!
The town is buzzing. And, no, not just with the Manhattan word that Katie Holmes (when she isn't incessantly running at the gym) was sucking puss with Josh Hartnett right around the corner from where Monica Lewinsky tries to carry on with her sad--but beautifully coiffed--life in Greenwich Village. (Reps for both young cuties deny the canoodling crisis.)

Naughty amigos, other things are def up.

I'm gonna start with the one that interests me most. Sorry, but it's the one I can't reveal. So, when you get done bitch-slappin' me, just come on back to the column, and we'll gab, 'kay?

Dollfaces, do you all remember when Liz Smith ran that item years ago about a beloved TV legend who was preparing to come out? Must've been Rosie O., huh? But that one took a while. And Oprah got so damn tired of being the proverbial gossipy scapegoat she had to release a statement sayin', hey, she likes homos, but she ain't one. Now it's my turn: A very promising young actor who has been the subject of two Blind Vices in this very column, I'm told by mutual friends and sources, is preparing to come out of the closet, which will--thanks to backward, provincial America--permanently alter this talented man's career. This is what makes me imagine living in seen-it-all France.

Getting the busybody brigade working in full overdrive, too, is--bien sûr--more Brad Pitt 'n' Jennifer Aniston whisperings. And, no, I'm not talking just about the divorce papers Jen filed last week, but other info. Like the fact that Aniston's amigos tell me it's been "hell" to get the Friends superstar to leave her Bev Hills house. You know, the locale where she and B.P. partied together, so everybody thought they were getting back together?


"I can tell you this," added a source who told me ages ago that there would most definitely not be a reunion at Chez Pitt. "[Jennifer]'s been dealing with this for a very long time. And she is done. She's over it. She's moving on."

Apparently just not outta the house, huh?

But Brad has been doing some traveling. Not alone, either.

As you may have heard, Brad was just in Palm Springs with Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Angelina Jolie for a W magazine shoot. It was hot. It was sultry. It was quite the press release.

Think about it: Two days in the desert right after your wife just served you with splitsville papers. The whole world wants to know if you really are diddling your sexy, man-eating colleague. You (still) say you aren't--at least that's what I was told. Again.

But I'm sorry, a cozy work retreat together away while the soon-to-be ex--who's reportedly coping with some difficultly--wanders her Beverly Hills mansion somewhat aimlessly speaks volumes.

By the way, I asked one of Brad's good buddies (who talk far less than Jen's, dammit), where the Pitt-ster was living now."All over the place, really. Until he goes to Morocco for Babel."

"Is Angelina going with him?" I asked.

"No!" came the astonished reply.

"Is Brad lonely right now?" I pressed, feeling a little sleazier than I do normally (and, bros and sisses, that's sayin' somethin').


In all fairness, I must tell you that last response was offered right before I was told Mr. P. is simply too busy with work to be starved for attention.

But I'm an old whore at this game, and I don't believe it for one friggin' sec.

Randy Sandy
Don't think anyone's more beloved in Hollywood than Ms. Sandra Bullock, do you? I would throw Angelina Jolie right on up there, but it's safe to say she's got one or a dozen femme enemies in this nasty ol' town.

Sandy-pants, however, will have the entire universe by her stompin' side. It certainly showed when everyone came to Ms. B.'s defense fer dating a hog-humpin, very tattooed fella by the name of Jesse James. Oh, well. S'pose us ink-stained hounds should just let Sandra be.

(For the bitchy record, some chums back in Austin, which seems to be the only place busy-broad-bee Bullock ever lets it hang low, are convinced Ms. B. and Mr. J. will not marry. Interesting.)




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