The Whine Is Not Enough


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Thu Mar 17, 1:36 AM ET

The Whine Is Not Enough

"She said, 'That's it!' "
  --Amigo to gorgeous preggers gal Denise Richards, otherwise known as Mrs. Charlie Sheen, on what her good girlfriend said upon discovering Charlie doing something naughty.

Can I tell you what it was?

Hmmm. Depends on how that badass lawyer of mine is feeling, 'spose. Hey, this much I can fill you in on: It was an activity the former Spin City guest star discovered her hubby likes to still partake in, a holdover from his bachelor days, you might say. Oh, men. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, right?

Wrong. As the whole world knows by now, Denise--despite being pregnant with her second kid by Two and Half Men's Sheen--plans to go it alone. And you wanna know what's really shocking about this?

"Not that Denise plans on raising her kids alone; women do that all the time," whispered/sassed a highly paid Hollywood exec who regularly socializes with Sheen and his ilk. "But that she had the balls to not put up with her husband's bulls--t."

Because, as my Sheen insider went on to elaborate, "Women have been putting up with their husbands doing far worse in this town for years. I say good for Denise."

However, a rep for Sheen says hold that thought.

"I can't tell you why Denise is doing this, because she's not my client," sniffed Charlie's flack. "But of this I am sure: Charlie did not cheat."

"What about the story from a source who says Denise found him with another woman," I asked.

"Not true."

Fine, but let's get real. "Why would this come out of nowhere," I pressed the Sheen repper.

"I can't tell you that, but somebody's out there spreading a lot of lies, like the one where he was at a party with a hooker."

"Do tell me more!"

"No, because it's all not true, just lies being put out."

Just like Charlie the stud used to put himself out there, I would venture. But then I'm just a dirty old gossip.

Could that be why, as yet, I haven't heard bupkus from Denise's official camp?

They said they'd call, they really did. Maybe they're too busy gauging Mama R.'s marital-exit deal? (Rumors of pre-nup goodies abound.) Or, better yet, maybe her people are working on a sequel to Fat Albert--Fatter Albert, no doubt.

Actually, I shouldn't talk. I think Ms. R. is grand. I'll never forget the time she actually answered with such beaker-savvy aplomb my The World Is Not Enough queries about being a rocket scientist.

I pressed gorgeous Denise in all her booby-liciousness in a cut-down-to-there frock: "You play Dr. Christmas Jones. What do you know about plutonium?"

"You'd be surprised how much I know about plutonium. I know how to defuse a bomb, and I have this little computer that tells me how much time before it blows and how much plutonium is in there. I know more than you think." "I bet you know a lot."

"It took every single scientist to help me."

Just like Denise-love will now be relyin' on those high-priced attorneys of hers. Nevertheless, the gal knows how to put on a good act. Which, her buds tell me, she's simply tired of, as far as playing the happy homemaker, Missus Sheen.

Rebel Richards to the domestic rescue!

Perky P.S.
Oh, and I'm so sorry, but this bit about Chris Klein and Katie Holmes busting up is so, like, not the brain-twister. Hell, Katie's been running around at post-parties (like Golden Globes, New Yawk's Fashion Week) sans Chris and sans engagement ring. And she's been very lively.

Now, I can't tell you when the engaged couple exactly split, but I had been hearing for months now that Chris is droopy-woopy at the news.

Tarnished Twosome
Okay, gimme a damn break, but the Brad 'n' Jen split is still the crack in the A-list caulking people care most about. Even my sister's friends in the middle of friggin' Texas (where my sis lives blissfully with creatures on four legs who don't communicate with her through their publicists, how refreshing) are panting, she says, of news on the former golden It duo.

Well, here's a little, of sorts:

Angelina Jolie is certainly on the salty noggins of many. Still. Despite the Pitt-affiliated homewreckin' accusations (which everybody denies)--she's kindly referred to as the other woman in the raunchier rags--and the girl-on-girl fantasies of broads all over (except Jennifer Beals), La Jolie can get folks thinking in other non-man-eating ways. Read on...




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